Almost one million people in over 15 countries have taken our test. It is scientifically validated, championed in the press, and derives from the latest progress in various areas of Human Science. The Analysis is considered among the most complete and coherent in its field.


" It was as if someone had followed me round the office for a couple of weeks, observing all my behaviours, and had then given me all kinds of tips for standing out and being a success."
Sophie, 29, Le Mans.

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Success at Work

Get to know yourself better so as to progress and thrive at work!

Recruitment professionals use personality tests to decipher your main behavioral patterns in the workplace.

Our «Success at Work» Report shows you how your personality plays out in a professional context: the way you work, the way you make your decisions and manage your time.

49.00 $

It allows you to explore your relationships with others, your attitude within hierarchies, your reactions to teamwork situations and many more points which are specifically relevant to you.

This Report for professional success is created from your Personality Analysis.

20.00 $

The Analysis does not stop at describing your personality traits - it explains the what, why and how of each of your behaviour trends. In other words, it tells you... what you do not know about yourself.

20.00 $
49.00 $
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