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Testimonials from a selection of those who have taken and used the "Success at Work" report

  • "It was as if someone had followed me round the office for a couple of weeks, observing all my behaviours, and had then give me all kinds of tips for standing out and being a success."
Sofia, 29, Spain.
  • "It is not only a source of advice, but also a sort of practical guide, which gives concrete ideas, as well as exercises and training, which fit my needs exactly."
Alan, 37, Belgium
  • "I get the feeling that this guide was written by someone who knows me very well and understands exactly what I need. It is pretty amazing..."
John, Paris
  • "I took a lot of convincing, as I wondered if it would be applicable to my status as an independent. I took the plunge and am delighted. The awareness of my behavioural patterns is very useful to me. As an independent, one is very much on one's own, and getting feedback is crucial, especially on stuff that we do without realizing it."
Emmanuel, 36.
  • "6 months ago, I did a competence analysis that cost 1200 Euros, and learnt 3 times less about myself than with this Success at Work report."
Susan, 42, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • "The direct relevance of your analysis allowed me to become aware of my reality. "Success at Work" and "Finding your Way" now help me to make the best of my complicated personality. I have been feeling very very serene since taking these tests. I will be getting back to you in a couple of years so you can interview me concerning my success! Your serious approach, your honesty and your speedy action are exemplary. Thank you."
William, Pharmacist
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