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" If I had taken this test when I graduated, I would be 7 years further ahead in my career at this point "
Alexandre, 30, Vincennes.

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Finding your Way

Self-knowledge for optimal Career Choice

So, you want or need to make a career shift? Our Personality Test brings you a greater understanding of which professional «levers» you can count on as you prepare your new career strategy.

The Finding Your Way Report will help you if:

  • You are considering a career change or re-start.
  • You are regularly under-motivated at work.
  • You feel you are not exploiting all your potential.
  • You are trying to find a role that really fits your personality.
49.00 $

It will help you to :

  • Understand what motivates you at work.
  • Identify the key factors you need in your choice of a career that best fits your personality.
  • Build a step-by-step action plan for getting your dream job!

This report, built using your Personality Analysis as a foundation, will help you toward better career choices, and thus to greater workplace fulfillment!

20.00 $

The Analysis does not stop at describing your personality traits - it explains the what, why and how of each of your behaviour trends. In other words, it tells you... what you do not know about yourself.

20.00 $
49.00 $
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