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Testimonials from a selection of those who have taken and used the "Find your Way" report

  • "As I read this report, I suddenly understood why until now I have gone from job to job without ever managing to flourish. Today, my professional life is clearly going to start taking a very different direction."
Isabelle, 32, Canada.
  • "If I had taken this test when I graduated, I would have been 7 years further ahead in my career."
Alexandra, 30, USA
  • "After leaving my company at the age of 51 and almost a year of unproductive search for a new job, I was really wondering what I was going to have to do in order to continue working. Your report on "Finding your Way" allowed me to see my strengths and my experience much more clearly, and to identity the key success factors I needed for my future work. In this way, I was much better able to target my search, and to build my confidence once more. This was based on the fact that with my new knowledge, I could be confident in myself and in the certainty that I would successfully find a new challenge. I am pretty sure it was mostly this that helped me find a new role."
Iago, Chile
  • "The second part in particular was very useful for me in building up my work strategy - that of becoming independent. I was able to take into account all kinds of factors that I would not have identified if I had been alone."
Francis, Uruguay.
  • "It's great. It makes me think hard"
  • "You have helped me to see things more clearly and to define much more precisely what I want from my professional life. I am grateful to you for that. Thank you."
Beatrice, Italy
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